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Training Credits

Micro Concepts Pre-Pay Training Credits are an effective way for you to carry any unused training budget from your current budget period over to your next one as well as to help safeguard your budget and give flexibility in the training you want to book.

If you have any training budget left that you have not been able to use and you will lose when your current budget period ends then Micro Concepts Pre Pay Training Credits are for you.
Or, if you have a budget agreed for your next period and you would like to protect it, get access to the best discounts and reduce time spent processing invoices then Micro Concepts Pre Pay Training Credits are also for you.
Credits are available for 10, 20, and 50 day blocks against any of our standard scheduled training courses at our Training Centres.
So why choose Micro Concepts Pre-Pay Training Credits?
  • Longer time length – They last for 24 months meaning you have longer to spend than normal 12 month budgets
  • No limitations – they can be used for any of our standard scheduled training courses for anyone within your organisation.
  • Reduced admin – one single invoice means you can save time by not having to process several throughout the year
  • No fixed amount – you can choose how many blocks and of which type you wish to purchase with no minimum or maximum values.
  • Better Discounts – pre payment ensures that you will receive the best discounts available.
  • Regular Usage Reports – each time you make a booking we will update you so you can keep track of your usage

Contact our sales team to discuss training credits.