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Inventor iLogic: course details
2 day course 1st & 2nd
Micro Concepts Toft
Inventor Certified User Part 1: course details
4 day course 6th, 7th, 13th & 14th
Micro Concepts Toft

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Inventor Courses

Inventor Certified User Part 1

4 day course

Prerequisites: Basic computing skills and knowledge of the operation & use of Windows XP or Windows 7


This four day course is your first step towards becoming an Autodesk Inventor Certified User, it is designed for new users who require comprehensive training in Autodesk Inventor software. This hands-on foundation course covers the basic Autodesk Inventor features used to create, edit and document parts or assemblies. Students learn about basic features by referencing print documentation and using real-world exercises. This course is designed for students to learn the basics of mechanical 3D computer-aided design using Autodesk Inventor. Students learn how to navigate the gesture-based user interface and receive overviews of the basic sketching, part-modelling, assembly-modelling and manufacturing drawing techniques.




Course outline

Introduction to the Modelling Process

  • Projects in Autodesk Inventor
  • The User Interface
  • Introduction to Sketching
  • Creating Sketches
  • Constraining Sketches
  • Dimensioning Sketches
  • 2D Sketch Tools 
  • Using Slice Graphics Mode

Creating Simple Sketched Features

  • Introduction to Sketched Features
  • Working with Sketch Planes
  • Creating Extruded Features
  • Creating Revolved Features
  • Creating Swept Features
  • Creating Lofted Features
  • Creating Rib and Web Features
  • Creating Part Split Features
  • Creating Mirrored Features

Introduction to Work Features

  • Work Planes
  • Work Axes
  • Work Points

Introduction to Placed Features

  • Fillet Features
  • Chamfer Features
  • Hole and Thread Features
  • Shell Features
  • Pattern Features
  • Face Drafts
  • Creating and Using Colour Styles


Assembly Modelling Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Assembly Modelling
  • Assembly Browser
  • Placing Components in an Assembly
  • Creating Components in an Assembly 
  • Moving and Rotating Components
  • Constraining Components
  • Adaptive Components
  • Creating Assembly Features
  • Creating View Representations
  • Creating Positional Representations
  • Creating Level Of Detail Representations
  • Presentations

Introduction to Drawings

  • Setting Drafting Standards
  • Layers
  • Drawing Resources
  • Projected Views
  • Section Views
  • Detail Views
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Broken Views
  • Break Out Views
  • Managing Views and Sections
  • Dimensioning a Drawing View
  • General Annotation Placement
  • Parts Lists
  • Ballooning















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