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Inventor iLogic: course details
2 day course 1st & 2nd
Micro Concepts Toft
Inventor Certified User Part 1: course details
4 day course 6th, 7th, 13th & 14th
Micro Concepts Toft

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Inventor Courses

Inventor iLogic

2 day course

Prerequisites: Inventor Certified User Part 1, Inventor Certified User Part 2,  Knowledge of parameter driven design.


This course explores the concepts of Rules Driven Design. It offers manufacturers and designers a simple yet powerful way to capture and reuse their engineering knowledge to standardise and automate design processes and / or configure their designs. The iLogic environment is designed to remove the headache of having to understand the high level programming languages normally associated with bespoke design rules.

Course Outline:

  •  Understanding the principles of rules Driven Design (RDD)
  • Exploring the iLogic Rule Editor and syntax
  • Multi-value driven parameters
  • Driving and controlling model features
  • Driving and controlling assembly configurations
  • iPart manipulation
  • Import and Export design intent
  • Custom user interaction







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