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Industrial machinery manufacturers operate in a complex and demanding environment and face unprecedented challenges today. They are simultaneously confronted with increasing global competition for new project opportunities and customer requirements becoming more multifaceted and challenging. Successful manufacturers must effectively collaborate with both local and global product development teams and supply chain partners in order to develop and deliver more complex products in less time. The challenges do not end with product development - the ability to introduce products into flexible manufacturing facilities can make or break the success of a project.



Key Points:

  • Quickly respond to customers, demonstrate unique abilities & deliver superior results
  • Harnessing new technologies to drive innovation and better satisfy customers
  • Ensuring product performance and reliability while shortening design times and lowering costs
  • Managing collaboration with their supply chain
  • Ensuring compliance in a complex environment
  • Managing manufacturing processes and facilities with optimal efficiency

Why Us?

Succeeding in this market requires an intense focus on meeting customer needs. Establishing a product development methodology that effectively utilises a product platform to create a multitude of configurations to adapt to the customer’s needs is paramount. Driving new business and rapidly responding to customers requires eliminating inefficiencies throughout the development process. From initial concept development and bid proposal through to project delivery and post-sales support efficiently meeting customer can means the difference between success and failure.

Whether a new product platform or a derivative of an existing one, development teams need the ability to explore a design early in the process and communicate that design with stakeholders and customers. The ability to design, visualise, and simulate a product from the earliest concept phase is a prerequisite to avoiding design errors that may not appear until the physical prototyping stage. .

The Micro Concepts Solution

We are one of the leading Autodesk partners in the United Kingdom, specialising in the provision of engineering design, simulation and consultancy solutions since 1989. We are committed to offering a true value added partnership and aim to exceed customer expectations, providing the productivity and return on investment required to keep your business competitive.

Our team consists of professionals recruited from relevant customer industries, diverse in their specialisation covering Industrial machinery, Building Products, Aerospace and Defence to Furniture Design and Manufacture. The combined technical experience and knowledge of our engineers and product specialists exceeds 100 years. So, unlike most other companies, we are able to offer you informed solutions based on a real understanding of your business, full support and on-going training for all systems that we provide.

Autodesk software brings together design data from all phases of the product development process to create a single digital model. This single digital model simulates the complete product and gives engineers the ability to better visualise, optimise, and manage their design before producing a physical prototype. Digital Prototyping gives industrial machinery manufacturers the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it is built. By using a digital prototype, manufacturers can visualise and simulate real-world performance of the design with less reliance on costly physical prototypes, reducing design and production costs. Autodesk software moves companies beyond 3D modelling. It enables manufacturing workgroups to create a single digital model that can be used in every stage of production, bridging the gaps that usually exist between conceptual design, engineering, mechanical design, electrical controls design, and manufacturing teams.

Conceptual Design

In an increasingly competitive and global market, industrial machinery manufacturers need to be flexible and respond quickly to new opportunities, delivering differentiated products that meet customers’ time, cost, and performance requirements.

Autodesk software lets you hit the ground running in generating new business and responding to customer needs. It offers you the tools to virtually explore a product in the conceptual design phase, before it’s ever built.


To rise above the competition, industrial machinery manufacturers must continually innovate to deliver complex machinery products that meet high standards for reliability, quality, and performance. By partnering with Micro Concepts, you can overcome the unique engineering challenges of designing intricate industrial machinery and test and evaluate the effect of different systems and design configurations, before you physically prototype the product.

By generating engineering and manufacturing documentation directly from the 3D model, you can combine the benefits of associative drawing views with the power and widespread acceptance of the DWG format to help reduce errors and deliver the design in less time. With digital models, you can create, validate, optimise, and manage designs in the engineering phase.


Getting products to market quickly has become increasingly important for industrial machinery manufacturers. With shrinking market windows and ballooning customer demands, you need to synchronise product design with manufacturing processes so you can deliver high-quality products faster.

Sales & Marketing

Autodesk software provides options for virtual photography and cinematography that enable marketing teams and creative agencies to market products without the need for costly physical prototypes and photography shoots. These tools effectively re-purpose the digital prototype and allow the development of marketing materials in parallel with product development.