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Building product manufacturers and fabricators operate in a complex and demanding environment and face unprecedented challenges today. They are simultaneously confronted with increasing global competition for new project opportunities, shorter project delivery schedules, improving quality while managing cost, and the need to increase the level of collaboration with their customers in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.eni_bim_wheel_1_plan.jpg_390

Key Points:

  • Balancing increasing building performance and quality expectations against lower costs while driving increasingly complex design and construction processes
  • Seeking new ways to get a leg up against competitors in winning project bids
  • Improving collaboration with architects, engineers, and builders to have a better understanding of design intent and product information
  • Assist builders and subcontractors in improving the quality and efficiency of their construction, installation, and maintenance processes
  • Respond to increasingly stringent regulatory pressure and sustainability requirements driven by elevated environmental consciousness

Why Us?

Micro Concepts have a proven track record of helping manufacturers go beyond 3D design to Digital Prototyping with Autodesk Inventor software. This software brings together design data from all phases of the development process into a single digital model. Developing a complete and accurate digital prototype gives manufacturers of building products, equipment and customfabricated components the ability to:

  • Design, visualize, and simulate products digitally before they are built.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with architects, engineers, and builders who use a BIM process.
  • Win more customers and project bids.
  • Enable design decisions to be made earlier in the design process, resulting in greater cost savings.

Digital Prototyping, combined with Autodesk’s leadership in BIM, uniquely positions you to have an integrated workflow that enables better productivity, predictability, and control throughout the life of the project. This integrated workflow is changing the way manufacturing and architectural companies think about their design practices and is helping them build better products faster, with greater confidence and fewer costs. Unlike other vendors, Autodesk is the only software that can offer these capabilities in a way that is truly scalable, attainable, and cost effective for manufacturers, architects, engineers and builders.

Sales and Marketing

In an increasingly competitive and global market, suppliers and fabricators in the construction industry need to be flexible and respond quickly to new opportunities. Using Autodesk software lets you hit the ground running in generating new business and responding to customer needs quickly and accurately, creating competitive bids and proposals for new work with peace of mind.

This software provides manufacturers and fabricators with the tools they need to create stunningly realistic and interactive digital prototypes of the end product that can be used to demonstrate value in a unique and compelling way before building anything.

Design and Engineering

Building product manufacturers and fabricators must continually innovate to deliver on complex projects that set high standards for reliability, quality and performance. By partnering with Micro Concepts, you can overcome the unique challenges of designing and engineering products and projects by coordinating and evaluating design configurations, before they are physically manufactured.

By generating engineering and manufacturing documentation directly from the 3D model, the you can combine the benefits of associative drawing views with the power and widespread acceptance of the AutoCAD DWG file format to deliver the project in less time with fewer errors. Autodesk’s world-class, interoperable Digital Prototyping and BIM solutions enable manufacturers, architects, engineers and builders to collaborate more effectively. By sharing digital information, manufacturers and builders can better communicate and realize the design intent of the project.


Getting products and projects to market quickly has become increasingly important for building product manufacturers and fabricators. With shrinking market windows and ballooning customer demands, the need to synchronize product design with manufacturing processes for delivery of high-quality products is greater than ever.

Using Autodesk tools help manufacturers deliver high-quality products on time and under budget. The close integration between Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, and AutoCAD allows fabricators and building design professionals to easily work together and share design information within a seamless workflow. This improved collaboration removes a major source of design errors, ensures that designs are fully coordinated and eliminates the need for redrawing and/or modeling.

Building Installation/Integration

Customers need the critical information to allow them to install and maintain products, equipment, and systems in today’s increasingly complex buildings. Building product manufacturers are able to meet their customers’ needs by maintaining this information in digital models. Autodesk software lets you embed the critical information and metadata needed for installation and maintenance into the digital model, which can be used to develop installation animations, exploded views, part diagrams and other helpful information to meet customers’ needs.

Micro Concepts and Autodesk bring Digital Prototyping and BIM information and processes together. This enables building component manufacturers to outline installation, commissioning and maintenance activities. This information can be provided as metadata within the digital model.