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Micro Concepts Technical Support

The success, effectiveness and productivity of any CAD implementation are dependent upon the people who operate and manage it, and the infrastructure to support that over the forthcoming years. Micro Concepts technical team have been providing this infrastructure for more than 20+ years and have attained a reputation for providing high quality technical support.

Technical support with Micro Concepts enables you to maximise the productivity of your new or existing CAD investment, minimising the downtime created by issues that can be quickly resolved with the help of our engineers, leaving you to concentrate on increasing the profitability of your business.

Our support encompasses more than responding and reacting to support requests. We provide proactive support via workshops, seminars, monthly bulletins, technical documents, and ongoing training to ensure you are as informed and productive as possible.

We offer a variety of support packages to suit all requirements, from the basic support package offering mainly helpdesk support, to all encompassing packages covering all your potential ongoing requirements. All our packages offer the same prompt response times. We can also tailor our standard packages if you have unique requirements. This gives you the opportunity to budget for the major part of your CAD overheads with one single annual cost.

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For further details call 01223 716200 or email info@microconcepts.co.uk