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What is a Design Process Review (DPR) ?

Micro Concepts offer a free consultation service aimed at developing a strategy to improve the design process.

We provide a complete Design Process Review from the point where a product enquiry comes into the business though to manufacture and beyond.

istock_000004369104xsmall_210Our goal is to provide you with a tailored solution that adds value to your business. We also understand that any investment must aim to:

  • Provide a Return on Investment
  • Decrease Expenses
  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce design and production costs

Micro Concepts offer our consultants time to understand your current business processes. We recognise that the success of implementing a design solution relies as much on business processes as it does on the products themselves. We take time to understand the processes and people involved and develop a strategy that assists the design processes and use of engineering data across all departments in your company.

Our aim is to capture and understand your key business issues and pains and the objectives that you wish to achieve.
Our consultants can help solve your challenges and achieve maximum ROI for your company.

No solutions are offered on the day, instead we take time to analyse the DPR results and present you with a constructive DPR report. Our consultants will be in a position to identify ways to eliminate non-productive activities, highlighting opportunities and areas for improvement and a clear plan to move forward with and measure against.

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To take advantage of this opportunity to help you become best in class. Contact Micro Concepts on 01223 716200 or email info@microconcepts.co.uk and set up your DPR.