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09:00 - Registration Commences

09:30 - KEYNOTE – Autodesk Product Innovation Platform – The future of Making Things


11:00 - Break - refreshments will be available

11:25 - MANAGE

12:25 - Lunch - buffet lunch and access to IWM Duxford museum


14:45 - Q&A

15:00 - End

Keynote – Autodesk Product Innovation Platform – The future of Making Things

There is ever increasing pressures on manufacturers to deliver made to order, highly configurable products, get them to market faster, and compete in an increasingly competitive global market.  We look at how you can utilise todays software to prepare yourselves for the future and beyond.

Design and Validate

How we design constantly evolves and the requirements of the engineering design process are continually under pressure to improve efficiency and quality while reducing costs.
This session focuses on the new features in the Inventor application that help improve our design and validation processes.

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Design is nothing without control. How do we ensure the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time? How do we manage the tools that are necessary to create our designs?
This session focuses on the areas that help us control the data we create and automate the control processes. Minimising administration time and maximising design time is a common goal and there are numerous new and existing, lesser known, tools available to us to help achieve this.
We will also clarify the constantly evolving changes in the Autodesk licensing model and how this affects how you can access the design tools.

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Communication, communication, communication – our designs have no value until we are able to effectively communicate them to the required stakeholders. In this presentation we will be looking at how we can effectively make our designs available to customers, manufacturers and other consumers. With different levels of technical ability and understanding of the context it is vitally important we have the tools available that give us the most efficient means possible to ensure the correct understanding of our designs.
In this session we look at key new features in the Inventor application along with other associated  tools.
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