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The Market

“Working to improve the competitiveness of UK engineering design”

UK manufacturing today faces a number of pressures.  Global competition is increasing, putting a squeeze on margins: at the same time, jobs are being lost as work previously undertaken in UK factories is outsourced to cheaper producers overseas.

The net result is that for Micro Concepts’ primary customer base to survive, let alone thrive, it needs to be able to offer effective value-adds which will redress the balance in terms of competitiveness with other lower unit-cost producers.  Further, UK engineering design offices have an ageing profile and there is a growing need to encourage ‘young blood’ into the profession.

Despite this, for UK manufacturing and its supplier base in general, and Micro Concepts in particular, all is far from doom and gloom. The growth of 3D technology and digital prototyping, for example, has enabled manufacturers to produce designs more quickly and more accurately, so reducing internal costs.

At the same time, customers can be involved earlier in the process, with designers more responsive to required changes throughout: this both improves customer satisfaction and offers a much more appealing job based on designing rather than simply draughting.