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Making Technology work for you - Micro Concepts are dedicated to developing long term business relationships with our customers in the manufacturing and production industries, to implement, maintain, and develop cost effective, quality design and engineering productivity solutions. Achieved through the knowledge and understanding of our customers’ business processes and goals, by our valued team of professionals, committed to integrity, quality and excellence.


Software Licence Changes - Key Dates

The option to purchase new perpetual licenses of most Autodesk® individual products will end as of: January 31,… read more

Autodesk Inventor 2016 R2 now available for subscription customers

Autodesk Inventor 2016 R2 update provides subscribers with new capabilities and Service Pack 1, together as one download… read more

Autodesk License Amnesty

License Amnesty Do you have any old Autodesk licenses? If you have an old Autodesk product (2005-2015 release) then for… read more